UNLEARN: September All-Access LIVE | Community Price

Tuesdays at 8am & Thursdays at 12pm EST
September 2-30 (no class on September 16)

It's September. The school vibe is alive and well. 
But apparently, it's time to unlearn.

I've had the recent pleasure of studying with some teachers who are turning a lot of what I've learned over the years, on its head. Learning that how I've been taught to teach yoga has been appropriative in many ways. Turning my world up on its head - in the best way! 

Here at The Connective we are all about trying to right the wrongs of colonization and moving forward with a clear stance on anti-racism and cultural appropriation. So how can we decolonize our practice?

Ways to decolonize your practice:
- Asana is not yoga. Yoga is much more than just asana.
- Use sanskrit - and offer translations when needed.
- Decolonize your yoga bookshelf; buy yoga books by South Asian authors.
- Support studios that teach yoga within its cultural context in a respectful manner.

A lot of unlearning needs to take place. I'd like to think that I offer a yoga class, but it is still primarily an asana practice.

Come UNLEARN with me!

Practice will be a well rounded an hour long vinyasa practice, with at least 10 min of slowing down and resting at the end. 

We will be working with asana, meditation and pranayama.

All classes are live-streamed on Zoom on Tuesday mornings at 8am EST and Thursdays at 12pm EST, from September 2-30. No class on September 16! I’ll be available 10 minutes before and after class for questions and to check-in. If you miss a practice, you'll have access to the replay for a week.

Suggested props: 2 blocks, a strap, 1-2 blankets (or towels), a bolster or firm pillows

The livestream class format is ideal for building a consistent practice within a supportive community. The regular class time will help with personal accountability and prioritizing your well-being. Your enrollment in this month-long class package is a one time payment (not a monthly subscription).

Photo credit: Alisha Siegel

See you on the mat!

Teacher: Sangeeta Vallabhan
Type of Class: Vinyasa
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Tuesday