Wisdom of the Wheel: Virgo | 60 minutes

The study of astrology- the placement of planets and stars in the heavens, and its effect on humans- cuts across time and cultures. The Zodiac wheel, and its' archetypes of astrological signs, offers us insight and advice to live a more harmonious and balanced life.

The grounded and precise sign of Virgo acts as a bridge between the creative drama of Leo season and summer, into the cooling and quieting beginning of Fall. In this Yin and Flow class, we’ll stay low to the ground as we practice yin shapes focusing on the liver meridian (Virgo rules the liver & intestines) before getting into a slow flow that will leave us feeling balanced and relaxed.

This video format is ideal for busy workdays, as it can be done on your own time, at your own pace, as often as you wish!

Prop recommendations: 2 blocks,a blanket and a bolster. Don’t have blocks? Use small pillows, paper towel rolls or any 2 items of similar size to put your hands on. No bolster? Use a few blankets or towels in a stack. Optional invitation to have lavender or ginger essential oil which are good for anxiety and digestion respectively, but not necessary.

This video is available to purchase throughout the month of September; once purchased, I will send it to you within 24hrs, and it’s yours to replay through September 30.

Teacher: Jen SanMiguel
Type of Class: Yin + Flow
Class Duration: 60min