Simple Strength: August All-Access Live+Library | Community Price

First live class: Sunday, August 8

For the month of August, we’re going back to the basics of progressive strength adaptation. I’m covering the most essential and useful information about training strength at home with free weights and bodyweight.

Following principles from physical therapy and strength training, classes help you build capacity for doing more in life with confidence and ease. I offer plenty of options to fit every body and you’ll use whatever props you have around the house.

You’ll learn:

  • The base positions for essential strength building movement patterns
  • Dynamic warm-ups to achieve the mobility necessary to be fluid in the positions, and make them feel stable and strong on your joints
  • Strategies for sequencing exercises into short, effective workouts
  • Lots of options to meet you where you are today
  • A variety of ways to progress the strength challenge so you can increase your capacity over time

Our live classes take place over Zoom:
Sundays 9:30-10:30AM EST: August 8, 15, 22, and 29
I’ll be there 10 minutes before and after class so we can hang out, Q&A, and meet each other’s pets. 7 day replays available for all live classes.

In addition to our live classes, each week I’ll provide 2 short homework videos so you can revisit and build on the material from class. One video is a strength workout, the other is active rest for optimal recovery. The homework videos are yours to replay through August 31st.

For props this month, you’ll want to get your hands on a pair of dumbbells (a weight you can press overhead with moderate difficulty), plus one heavier weight (a dumbbell or kettlebell that you can pick up but not press overhead). We’ll also use a yoga block and light to medium weight resistance bands. These props are recommendations, not requirements. I give lots of options so we can make it work!

Your enrollment in this month-long series is a one time payment (not a monthly subscription).

Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing you there,


PS - We believe in honoring the value of teaching and offering a practice that is accessible. Our tiered pricing system is self-determined. In deciding which price feels most appropriate to you, consider your social location (proximity to power and privilege), so that we can collectively move towards equity. If you need to pay less for any reason, we encourage you to pay this community price. If you are relatively stable financially, please pay the standard price.

Teacher: Caitlin Casella
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Sunday