Summer Cool Down | 90m

Yoga practice should change with our needs, our cycles of life, the seasons. It offers us powerful techniques for staying balanced amidst constant change, and as the summer heats up, cooling (langhana) practices are recommended. This chill-paced workshop will stay mostly low to the ground, in a slow flow geared towards lengthening and keeping cool. We’ll begin with a brief discussion of how cooling practices fit into the large corpus of yoga, and how you might integrate them into your seasonal practice. Then we’ll explore forward folds, slow movement, seated postures, pranayama, and simple Sanskrit chanting, all geared towards tension release and downregulation. While some intermediate seated poses will be introduced, we’ll take our time. Those new to yoga are welcome, and will find the slow pace accessible.

This workshop will take place live over Zoom on Sunday July 18th from 10-11:30am PT / 1-3:30am ET. Your purchase will give you access to the recording through Sunday August 15th, and you can also purchase the replay until then. To attend live you must register 30 minutes before start time, at which point registration will be closed.

Recommended props:
(2) blocks
(2-3) blankets or folded towels
(1) strap, belt, scarf, or resistance band
a little bit of wall space, up to about waist high

Teacher: Rebekah Nagy
Type of Class: Align
Class Duration: 90min