Sunrise + Sunset Practice Bundle | 30 + 40mins

Available to you for rental from July 1-31st.  

This Sunrise + Sunset Practice Bundle balances the ease of a more grounded practice and the energy of a faster paced practice.  Each class is about 30minutes, and can be practiced individually if you're short on time, or together for a full class experience.  

1. Sunrise Practice (40mins)
A great practice to start your day, or to give you a boost when you need it, this practice hits all the spaces and steadily builds heat for a full body experience.  Energetic and focused, it perfectly complements the ease of the Sunset Practice.

2. Sunset Practice (30mins)
A calming, close to the ground practice that moves in all the ways.   We take our time exploring movement both dynamic and static.  A lovely practice for the evening, this practice is perfect whenever you're looking to calm the mind and move with intention.  

Here's what you can expect:
• Clear, skillful instructions designed to put you in the drivers seat of your practice.
• Feel-good movements and interesting prop exploration that support how the body moves.
• Well-rounded, yet concise practices to help fit your schedule.

Open Level • Recommended props: 1-2 blankets, 2 blocks or books.

Both practices are available to you for the month of July, and with unlimited replay until July 31st, you can practice with them as much as you like for the entire month. Both practices are included for $15. 

I look forward to sharing these with you, and I'll be here along the way should you have any questions or need support for your practice.

With love,

Teacher: Michelle Wert
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min