Wisdom of the Wheel: Taurus | 60 minutes

The study of astrology- the placement of planets and stars in the heavens, and its effect on humans- cuts across time and cultures. The Zodiac wheel, and it's archetypes of astrological signs, offers us insight and advice to live a more harmonious and balanced life.

In this slow flow and restore class, we’ll investigate the steady and earthy sign of Taurus. In honor of the sign of the bull, we’ll focus on strength and stamina through a slower practice, and holding our poses a little longer. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love and beauty. We’ll close our practice with a few luxurious restorative poses. You’ll leave class feeling strong and rested.

This video format is ideal for busy workdays, as it can be done on your own time, at your own pace, as often as you wish!

Prop recommendations: 2 blocks, a bolster and two blankets. Don’t have some of those? Grab additional blankets or bath towels to fold up and use as blocks, and some bed pillows or couch cushions to use as a bolster. Optional invitation to have some bergamot essential oil or any other citrus or floral essential oil that you like.

This video is available to purchase throughout the month of May; once purchased, I will send it to you within 24hrs, and it’s yours to replay through May 31.

All of my net proceeds from the sale of this video will be donated to India Covid relief. Thank you for your support!

Teacher: Jen SanMiguel
Type of Class: Slow Flow
Class Duration: 60min