Building Strength: A Yogis Approach

In this practice we play with progressive load and simple movements that have a big impact.  Get creative with different, unconventional weights around your home (like bottles of water or cans of soup) and have fun with some accessible movements that build strength and stability and are a great compliment to your yoga practice.

In this class you will find:
• A full-body practice with accessible strength-building movements.
• An accessible way to approach a strength building practice. 
• Fun ideas on a variety of at-home weights you can use.
• A progressive and fun build towards heavier loads.
• Repetition of several movements with the option up the weight.

Recommended props:  Two yoga blocks and two other varied weights (i.e. light dumbbells, light kettlebells, cans of soup, bottles of water, etc).

This class is available to you for the entire month of May, with unlimited replay until May 31st to practice as often as you like.  Come back to it over and over, and play with different types of weights.  It's also included in my Class Library which is filled with 19 classes to complement your personal practice.  My class library is also available to rent here.

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Teacher: Michelle Wert
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min