Hips & Balance | 50mins

This practice is all about playing with balance. More than tree pose, we play with creative ways to move in and out of poses and have fun with creative prop exploration to build strength and stability.

In this practice you will find:
• Lots of fun movements that build hip mobility and strength.
• Outside-the-box ways of playing with your balance practice.
• A full-body practice exploring how we balance.

You will need: 2 yoga blocks or a chair, a blanket.

This practice is available to you for the month of April, and with unlimited replay until April 30th you can practice it as much as you like for the entire month . It is also included in my Class Library which has 17 other classes to complement your practice. My class library is also available to rent here.


Teacher: Michelle Wert
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min