ROOTED: May All-Access Live | Standard Price

Tuesdays at 8am & Thursdays at 12pm
May 4-27
Theme | Rooted

Rooting down in asana enables you to lift up more clearly. It helps with balance; it helps to really feel and understand the poses. But most importantly, it helps you feel connection. Connection within yourself, the earth and with everyone around you.

For the month of May, the goal is being rooted. Think of the roots of a tree. How deep and intricate the network is, growing down into the ground. The strength of the tree to withstand rain and winds and snow. The endurance to remain standing through all the changing seasons. Year after year.

Rooting can help us feel strong. Connected. And present. When life knocks us around a bit, we have a place of knowing to come back to. Asana can help you feel rooted, balanced and strong. It can help to reconnect to your own sense of knowing.

We will be rooting with asana, meditation and pranayama.

All classes are livestreamed on Zoom on Tuesday mornings at 8am EST and Thursdays at 12pm EST, from May 4-27. I’ll be available 10 minutes before and after class for questions and to check-in. If you miss a practice, you'll have access to the playback for a week.

Practice will be a well rounded 60min vinyasa practice, with at least 10 min of slowing down and resting included at the end.

Suggested props: 2 blocks, a strap, 1-2 blankets (or towels), a bolster or firm pillowsThe livestream class format is ideal for building a consistent practice within a supportive community.

The regular class time will help with personal accountability and prioritizing your well-being. Your enrollment in this month-long class package is a one time payment (not a monthly subscription).

Photo credit: Alisha Siegel

See you on the mat!

P.S. - We believe in honoring the value of teaching and offering a practice that is accessible. Our tiered pricing system is self-determined. In deciding which price feels most appropriate to you, consider your social location (proximity to power and privilege), so that we can collectively move towards equity. If you are relatively stable financially, please pay this standard price. If you need to pay less for any reason, we encourage you to pay the community price by clicking here:

Teacher: Sangeeta Vallabhan
Type of Class: Vinyasa
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Tuesday