Awakening Your Bones Pt. 2: Pelvis and Legs

Awakening Your Bones Pt. 2: Pelvis and Legs | $45

“Alignment comes from the bones, movement comes from the muscles.”

- Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

What does it feel like to embody your bones? To support them in knowing themselves, and to move from their mind? What does it feel like to embody the pathways from your feet to your pelvis? Much of the language used to describe our bodies in fitness, yoga, and physical therapy is muscle-centric, and this directly informs our movement possibilities. Without an awareness of our bones, our muscles can overcompensate, grow taxed, and inhibit healthy movement choices which would otherwise naturally arise.

In this vinyasa yoga and embodied anatomy workshop, we’ll explore sensing and feeling our bones to find balance, coherence, and ease in yogāsana practice. Rather than imposing outside rules, we’ll explore the emergence of multidimensional alignment choices from the inside out. We’ll begin with a lower limb development and anatomy lesson, learning to locate landmarks from our feet to our pelvises. Then we’ll explore, integrate, and embody new ways of shape-making in vinyasa practice, as we search for and find clear pathways of weight moving through our bones, from our legs into the centrality of our spines.

All levels are welcome. Some intermediate poses will be explored, but are not required in order to participate, and modifications and alternatives will be offered. Whether you’re new to yoga, an experienced student, or a teacher, this workshop will offer you new pathways into a more balanced practice.

This two-hour workshop will take place live on zoom on April 18th, 10am-12pm PST / 1-3pm EST. I’ll send you the meeting link through the Connective Platform when you register. To attend live you must register 30 minutes before start time, at which point registration will be closed. You can also purchase and view the replay any time through May 10th. This workshop is the second in a series of three parts. The final and third workshop will take place on May 23rd, on the bones of the upper limb. You can take one, or two, or take them all, any order.

You may purchase the replay of the first workshop, on the spine, here:

Prop recommendations: 2 blankets, 2 blocks, a strap or belt, and optional journal to record your experiences.

Teacher: Rebekah Nagy
Type of Class: Align
Class Duration: 90min