The Self-Inquiry of Yoga: March All-Access Live | Community Price

The first date of this series is Tuesday, March 2nd

At the underneath of the change we are working towards in the broader collective lies the relationship we are having with ourselves. Growing that relationship requires the bravery of loving self-accountability.

An ongoing self-inquiry allows us to disrupt an autopilot engagement with the status quo and notice who and how we are. The wisdoms of yoga include the teachings of The Niyamas, or internal observances that can guide us to a deepening understanding of ourselves, and to our most authentic path.

This series, open to all practice levels is designed to be a well-rounded month long physical practice, which prioritizes how we treat ourselves as the start of the relationships with can have with others, and creates the possibility to ground within.

Each week's asana, or posture practice will be accompanied by a deeper study of each of the Niyamas: Śaucha (cleanliness),
Santosa, (contentment), Tapas (discipline), Svādhyāya (self-study), and Īśvarapranidhāna (devotion/surrender)

Classes will be livestreamed on Zoom on Tuesdays, and Fridays from 7:30am - 8:30am, EST.
All class recordings will be made available to revisit for up to 7 days.

Each week's asana and Niyama focus is listed below:

Week 1: Mar 2 and Mar 5:
- Physical Focus on twists + reframing beliefs, positive affirmations and Śaucha (cleanliness)

Week 2: Mar 9 and Mar 12:
- Physical focus on backends + contentment versus fulfillment and Santosa (contentment)

Week 3:
Physical focus on the core cylinder
- Mar 16: exploring Tapas (discipline)
- Mar 19: exploring Svādhyāya (self-study and knowing)

Week 4: Mar 23 and Mar 26:
- Physical Focus on shoulder and hip opening, exploring divinity and Īśvarapranidhāna (surrender and devotion)

Registration for this series closes on Monday, March 1.
Sign up by Saturday, February 27th to receive two (2) complimentary pre-recorded mindfulness meditations as an Early Bird Gift

Looking forward to seeing you there, and sharing a month in community with you.

Teacher: Tonie Warner
Type of Class: Vinyasa
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning