Preparing for Spring: March Library + Workshop | Standard Price

Library access begins on March 1st
2-Hour LIVE Journaling Workshop: “An Unprecedented Year” | Saturday, March 6th, 3pm-5pm EST (Recording available through March 31st)

This month’s series embodies the quiet awakenings as we prepare for the transition from winter to spring. With more than an hour of bonus content spread throughout the series and preregistration to March’s LIVE 2-hour Journaling Workshop included, the Standard Price of $75 offers more than $120 of material to enjoy through March 31st.

You’ll learn:
- How to gently bring movement back into the body after the - hibernation mode of winter
- How to find rest and ease when sleep is elusive
- How to bring ease to the nervous system through pranayama/breathing techniques
- How to take your meditation off the mat with walking meditation
- How to meditate without falling asleep—even while lying down
- How to practice Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breath even when congested

- Guided Meditation: Anchoring in Physical Sensation | > 15 min.
- Guided Meditation: Moving Through Transition | 20 min.
- Guided Meditation + Sama Vritti/Balanced or “Box” Breath | > 15 min.
- Guided Meditation + Nadi Shodhana/Alternate-Nostril Breath | 15 min.
- Meditation & Journaling: A Time of Transition | 60 min.
- Saturday & Sunday Slow Solar Flow + Spring Awakening Yoga Nidra | 60 min.
- Yoga Nidra II + Sound Healing | 60 min.

BONUS CONTENT: 60-minute Seven Chakra Asana Practice (Choose 1):
- Fiery Surya/Solar Flow | 60 min., or
- Meditative Chandra/Lunar Flow | 60 min.

PLUS Access to March 6th’s LIVE Journaling Workshop: “An Unprecedented Year” | 2 hrs.

“Anchoring in Physical Sensation,” a guided meditation that can be practiced seated, standing, or lying down, you’ll learn how to be with physical sensations in the body and how to shift your focus and find ease when physical sensations become too intense. The second guided meditation, “Moving Through Transition,” serves as the perfect introduction to walking meditation while honoring the shift between seasons by bringing our attention to the transitions inherent in our daily movements. In the Guided Meditation + Nadi Shodhana video you’ll practice a classic alternate-nostril breath and learn how to adapt the technique when you’re feeling closed in or when breathing is challenging due to congestion. With the Guided Meditation + Sama Vritti/Balanced or “Box” Breath video you’ll learn how to build to a comfortable rhythm of an evenly-paced breath that includes kumbhaka, or breath retention.

If winter’s invitation to hibernation still has hold of your energy, this month’s Slow Surya Flow + Yoga Nidra offering is a welcome invitation to ease back toward movement. With 20-minutes of meditative yoga asana and 40-minutes of deep rest, this is the perfect companion for a weekend afternoon of relaxation and renewal. When you’re looking for ease without the need to roll out your mat, need a tool to turn to when sleep is hard-fought or sporadic, or a way to find rest on the mornings when you’ve awoken too early to rise and too late for a full cycle of additional sleep, give this month’s hour-long Yoga Nidra II + Sound Healing a listen. Adapted from the Yoga Nidra II script in Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s classic text and accompanied by the soothing sounds of the singing bowl and ocean drum, this is the perfect video to tap play before dimming the screen on your device and allowing your subconscious to take the lead.

Choose between a slow and steady Lunar Flow that includes seven meditative rounds of chandra namaskar, seated chakra meditation, and restorative postures or shake off the winter freeze with a Solar Flow fueled by fiery ujjayi pranayama to stoke your internal fire, cultivate stamina, create momentum, and prepare the body for the master arm balance Koundinyasana.

Finally, the seasonal shift is also an invitation to consider the transitions in our own lives. “A Time of Transition,” this month’s hour-long meditation & journaling session gently guides us through four prompts to honor that which is concluding, all that is beginning, and the liminal space in between. During “An Unprecedented Year,” March’s 2-Hour LIVE Journaling Workshop, we will co-create space for reflection as we meditate, journal, and call our voices into the Zoom room to acknowledge that which has been transformed in our lives, celebrate resiliency, and lean into the hope for renewal that comes with spring. The session will be recorded, and all participant discussion will be edited out for privacy before the link is shared and made available to subscribers for replay through the end of the month.

Optional props for this series include a writing journal, yoga mat, blocks, and blanket.

Note: Your enrollment in this month-long series is a one-time payment (not a monthly subscription).

Teacher: Selena Brown
Type of Class: Meditation
Class Duration: 60min