Expand and Awaken :February All-Access Library I Standard Pricing

*Links to classes available February 1 *
My class library features a collection of pre-recorded videos for monthly rental for a comprehensive experience you can enjoy on your own time. You’ll learn a variety of beginner and intermediate Kundalini yoga kriyas, as well as breath and relaxation exercises at a self-determined pace. This monthly practice is designed to lull you into a state of gentle hibernation while creating a sense of expansion, inner awareness and energetic growth.

February Content
1. Spiritual Warrior Kundalini Yoga: The Enchantress Moon Archetypal Alignment – Energizing 65 min.
2. Spiritual Warrior Kundalini Yoga: Release Perfection/ Embrace the Moment- Grounding 60 min.
3. Spiritual Warrior Kundalini Yoga: Be the Light in the Darkness– Intermediate/Energizing 90 min.

Props recommended: mat, 2 blocks, blanket or towel.

You may purchase the class library at any time throughout the month of February. Registering earlier will give you more time to practice.
All videos in this library are yours to replay through February 29th.

Teacher: Sojourner Williams
Type of Class: Kundalini
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Afternoon
Day of Week: Sunday