Whole Body Roll + Release

Whole Body Roll + Release | $45

Join Rebekah for a luscious sesh of sweet myofascial release! Whether you’re an avid roller or a newbie, you’ll leave this workshop feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with new release and self-massage techniques for mobility and ease in your yoga practice and beyond. Foam rolling promotes flexibility, lessens soreness and stiffness, and stimulates blood flow. In this mellow-paced workshop, we’ll spend two hours nourishing our connective tissue in a flowing exploration of foam rolling techniques from head to toe, integrating the powerful potential for a healthy range of motion that myofascial release can offer. You’ll leave with a better understanding of your connective tissue, including fascia and its role in the musculoskeletal system, and strategies for keeping it nourished, comfortable, and supple. 

For the anatomy geeks, we’ll start out with a brief discussion of our innate biotensegrity, the structural interrelatedness of all our seemingly separate parts. Learning to tune into the mind of your connective tissue as a meshwork of sensation and support can be a wonderful way to explore new models for understanding your body and your movement. For those who’ve taken my classes and workshops over the past few months, we’ll continue our inner investigation of our own miraculous cellular dynamism, at multiple scale levels simultaneously. Come roll deep with Rebekah!  

This workshop will take place live over Zoom on Saturday 2/20, 1-3pm PST / 4-6pm EST. Your purchase will give you access to the recording through Sunday March 15th, and you can also purchase the replay until then. To attend live you must register 30 minutes before start time, at which point registration will be closed.

Prop suggestions:
(1) foam roller (36” is best, but shorter is ok if you already own it)
(2) tennis, lacrosse, therapy, or pinky balls

(1) 8-9” pilates ball

Click here for my purchasing suggestions:

Stay tuned for a cheap DIY option you can construct at home by wrapping a towel around a water bottle (I’m making a vid I’ll post here this week).

All levels are welcome. You’ll be sent an optional Spotify playlist link with your registration.

Teacher: Rebekah Nagy
Type of Class: Body Literacy
Class Duration: 90min