Short & Sweet Practice Bundle | 30 + 40mins

Videos are available starting February 1, 2021. Pre-register here!

I created this Short & Sweet Practice Bundle to give you the opportunity to customize your practice to meet your schedule. Each class is about 30minutes, and can be practiced individually if you're short on time, or together for a full class experience. Both classes complement each other, so feel free to mix them up!

1 - Whole Body Practice (30mins)
Without a down dog in sight, this practice is a warming experience from head-to-toe. We play with fun, mindful movements that bring heat and build strength -- and that will complement and prepare for any movement practice (like running, strength training or yoga). No props necessary.

2 - Steady the Mind (40mins)
A short yoga practice that comes full circle. Both challenging and accessible, Steady the Mind offers the opportunity to customize your experience as we play with classic yoga postures and movements with some fun variations. If you're looking for a classic yoga class -- this one is for you! Props recommended: a mat, 2 blocks, a blanket or towel.

Open Level

These practices are available to you for the month of February, and with unlimited replay until February 28th you can practice with them as much as you like for the entire month. These classes are also included in my Class Library which has 14 other classes to complement your practice. It's also available for rent here.

Teacher: Michelle Wert
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min