Myth + Movement: Come Home Flow & Restore

In this open level flow and restore class, we'll draw inspiration from the Greek Goddess, Hestia and her Roman counterpart, Vesta. Hestia is the Goddess of the home, the hearth and of safe harbors. We’ll channel her energy through movement, and then through restorative poses to feel safe and warm in the home of our bodies.

Props needed: a bolster, 3-4 blankets, 1 block

If you don’t have a bolster, no worries! Use a stack of folded blankets or towels (2-4 depending on thickness), 2-4 bed pillows (depending on firmness) or a couch cushion or two!

We’ll be using the block mostly as a pillow for the head, so if you don’t have one, grab a small pillow (those travel neck pillows are great) or fold up a blanket or towel.

An optional Spotify playlist will be sent to you.

This video will be available to purchase throughout the month of January. Once purchased, I will send it to you within 24hrs and it’s yours to replay until January 31st.

Teacher: Jen SanMiguel
Type of Class: Restorative
Class Duration: 60min