Michelle's October Class Library | Community Price

I'm so proud of this library! It includes a collection of open level classes focusing on mobility & flexibility and building stability & strength. I like to offer a progression in my classes that builds along the way and gives you the opportunity to customize your own experience.

You can see more visually how I break down poses on my Instagram page here.

With unlimited replay for the entire month, you have the opportunity to customize your experience and challenge your practice.

The October Collection Includes:
Practicing Balance (44mins)
Slow Flow (42mins)
30 Min Chair Practice (30mins)
Exploring Diagonals & Twists (75mins)
Discovering Vasisthasana (65mins)
Resilient Shoulders (25mins)
Journey to Headstand (80mins)
Quick Supple Shoulders (2mins)
Flying Into Eagle Pose (60mins)
Blissful Roll Out (5mins)

You can rent this class library at any time throughout the month of October, but the earlier you sign up, the more time you have to practice! All videos in this library are yours to replay through October 31. (Your enrollment in this month-long class package is a one time payment, not a monthly subscription.)

I'll be available to answer any questions you might have along the way, so please don't hesitate to reach out! I look forward to sharing these practices with you!


Class Library Trailer

P.S. We believe in honoring the value of teaching and offering a practice that is accessible for everyone.  Our tiered pricing system is self-determined, so please decide which price feels most appropriate to you.  If you feel you can pay the standard price for the library ($75) you can do so by clicking here.. Thank you!!!

Teacher: Michelle Wert
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility