Nora's October Video Library | Standard Price


Nora’s yoga library features a collection of pre-recorded videos for monthly rental. You have a variety of choices regarding the type and length of practice, meeting you wherever you are day to day. Classes include “greatest hits” along with new material every month.

You're invited to dive into a multi-dimensional exploration of body, breath, and mind through gentle and intermediate Vinyasa classes, Restorative, Pranayama, and Meditation.

Octoberber content:
1. Trailer (90 sec)
2. Vinyasa - Twist (60 min)
3. Vinyasa - Warrior 3 (60 min)
4. Vinyasa - Handstand (60 min)
5. Vinyasa - Psoas (50 min) NEW!!!
6. Vinyasa - Express (30 min)

7. Vinyasa - Basic (50 min)

8. Wall Class - Balance (60 min) NEW!!!
9. Move, Breathe, Meditate (30 min)
10. Intro to Pranayama (30 min)
11. Restorative (65 min)

You may purchase the video library at any time throughout the month of October. The earlier you get it, the more time you have to practice. All videos in this library are yours to replay through October 31.


Teacher: Nora Heilmann
Type of Class: Vinyasa