Drop-in Class with Avita

Yoga and Strength | 60 min

This Yoga Asana class incorporates pranayama, active rest and strength training to help support your core and pelvic health. Suitable for postnatal and prenatal students. Avita's classes are informed by her dedication to social justice and empowerment and their relationship to yoga philosophy.

For this practice you'll need a mat, two blocks, a blanket. Optional props: one long or looped resistance band, 2 4-6 lbs hand weights. You can sign up for this class up to 30 minutes before class start time, at which point registration will be closed.

Classes take place on Thursdays at 9am and Sundays at 10am.

Time of Day: Thursdays at 9am | Sundays at 10am
Teacher: Avita Bansee
Date: Nov 26, 2020
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning