Shamina Rao

Hi, my name is Shamina! I was born in Mumbai and grew up all around the world. My childhood was steeped in the cultures of the East and I bring what I have soaked up over the years to my teaching.

My classes are all-levels, breath-centered vinyasa with a focus on the subtle and energetic body through the chakras. I teach through the lens of observing the physical, emotional, and spiritual body’s interconnectedness and response to the world around us. When I’m not teaching yoga, I am supporting my clients as a doula and lactation counselor, and also being a mom to my daughters, my teachers.

Through inquiry and self-study, yoga helps us define our truth and how we choose to show up in this world. I believe in the power and teachings of yoga to bring all people together.

IG: @shaminarao

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I love every class Shamina teaches!

Thank you for such a mindful and thoughtfully crafted class! I truly enjoyed it!

Shamina's winter flow is a wonderful practice for getting unstuck and remembering that we are always in motion, even when it seems that we're still. Practicing multiple times makes this flow seem more like dancing!