Shamina Rao

Hi, my name is Shamina! I was born in Mumbai and grew up all around the world. My childhood was steeped in the cultures of the East and I bring what I have soaked up over the years to my teaching.

My classes are all-levels, breath-centered vinyasa with a focus on the subtle and energetic body through the chakras. I teach through the lens of observing the physical, emotional, and spiritual body’s interconnectedness and response to the world around us. When I’m not teaching yoga, I am supporting my clients as a doula and lactation counselor, and also being a mom to my daughters, my teachers.

Through inquiry and self-study, yoga helps us define our truth and how we choose to show up in this world. I believe in the power and teachings of yoga to bring all people together.

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This powerful practice, guided with great insight by Shamina, connects passion, strength and the capacity to serve. I'm always so grateful for Shamina's ability to center each practice on purpose rather than outcome, and for her deep physical and spiritual wisdom.

Great class as always!

Wonderful and empowering flow. Thank you, Shamina!