Rebekah Nagy

Hi! I’m Rebekah, or Bex. I began studying yogāsana in 2001 in addition to dance and visual arts, and have been teaching since 2010. My project is to keep getting really clear about what biases are hidden in assumptions about our bodies, and in common yoga instructions, which come from unexamined societal values of hierarchy and dualism. Teaching is itself a practice, and I wish to create a clear container in which my students are free to have their own experiences, and where I can serve them in their individuality. I prefer to ground suggestions of spirituality in whole body inquiry.

In my myofascial release classes, you can expect a mellow pace, and opportunities to sense and feel your body in new ways. We’ll nourish our connective tissue in a flowing exploration of foam rolling and therapy ball techniques from head to toe, integrating the powerful potential for a healthy range of motion that self myofascial massage can offer.

My alignment-based vinyasa classes are also mellow-paced, featuring an anatomy, philosophy, and/or alignment focus, intelligent sequencing, intermediate poses offerings, and space within the form of āsana practice for exploring one’s own inner alignment and coherence.

My restorative and yin classes are super chill, featuring a little gentle movement and lots of rest, with somatic exploration and breathwork (prāṇāyāma). We’ll stay low to the ground and spend time in our inner space, being with present moment felt sensations as they arise and recede.


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Always love practicing with Rebekah!

Grace Berryhill about listing Summer Cool Down | 90m 12 days ago.

Rebekah is so wonderful to study with. She is attuned and insightful, engaging and engaged. Rebekah's invitation to movement exploration is deeply thoughtful. A real gift!

What an incredible class and teacher! This was my first formal rolling class and she covered proper technique and safety. I have constant back pain if I don't take care of it and this class was fabulous. Now I have techniques I can continue using in the future.

Sylvia Pham about listing Whole Body Roll + Release 5 months ago.