Paige Cara Yoga

Hey, I’m Paige!

I am rather eclectic, highly energetic, decidedly gregarious, easily excitable, moderately analytical, surprisingly introspective and untiringly curious. I’d rather be outside, barefoot. I dance (decently) when waiting for the subway, and sing (poorly) when on my bike. I laugh unabashedly and read a lot of books.

My classes thoughtfully combine elements of yoga, pilates and function movement woven together with mindfulness techniques. I incorporate guided breath work to create a grounded, embodied experience. My teaching is articulate and approachable, inviting self-exploration, curiosity and self-compassion.

I put equal emphasis on anatomical principles, awareness practices and intuitive experience. I believe that an embodied practice should engender inquiry, deep listening and expression as the ingredients for leading a simultaneously introspective and playful life. I encourage my students to move in ways that feel nourishing, sustainable, joyful, and connected to their own selves.

I encourage you to take the practice seriously and yourself lightly.

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Paiges runners yoga class was great! She always knows how to access the places in the body that you didn’t even know needed some attention. I love the gentle core work woven in, too. Highly recommend this class if you run- and also if you don’t!