Eternal Spring: May All-Access Live + Library | Community Price

Classes start May 1st

A livestream weekly class, plus 4 recorded videos to practice on your own time. This month’s focus is ritual. We’ll practice various sequences of movement, asana (postures), pranayam (breath practice), and meditation to explore what physical, mental, and emotional effects we experience from each sequence. We’ll aim to sharpen our understanding of how the practice can be beneficial to our health and what sort of practice we need in a given moment.

You'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of yoga asanas and how to thoroughly prepare your body to practice them with ease

  • To manage stress and quiet the mind through pranayama, restorative yoga, massage, and techniques to calm the nervous system

  • To move creatively and intuitively

Live classes take place over Zoom every Saturday 11-12:15pm EST May 1st-29th. I’ll be there 5 minutes before and after class for questions. If you miss a class, the playback will be available for one week.

In addition to the livestream classes, you'll receive 4 videos to replay in May to supplement and enrich your practice:

Meditation | 12 min.
Mini Flow | 25 min.
Shoulder Salve | 25 min.
Hip Helpers | 35 min.

Please have 2 blocks, a strap, 1-2 blankets or towels, and therapy or tennis balls, if possible. The hybrid format helps you build a consistent practice within a supportive community while also offering prerecorded classes you can practice on your own time to foster your learning.

Your enrollment in this month-long class package is a one-time payment (not a monthly subscription).
Photo credit: Grant Henry

Looking forward to seeing you there,

P.S. - We believe in honoring the value of teaching and offering a practice that is accessible. In deciding which price feels most appropriate to you, consider your social location (proximity to power and privilege), so that we can collectively move towards equity. If you are relatively stable financially, please pay this standard price. If you need to pay less for any reason, we encourage you to pay the community price.

Teacher: Jocelyn Casey-Whiteman
Type of Class: Slow Flow
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Afternoon
Day of Week: Saturday