Your Dynamic Seat: May Live + Library | Standard Price

First live class: Sunday, May 2

Sitting often gets a bum rap. It doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sitting is an essential skill in the human movement repertoire, and there are lots of choices we can make to increase comfort by maximizing efficiency.

Join me in May for a fresh take on sitting. We’ll work together to develop the joint mobility and strength necessary to move in and through positions sitting on the floor, on a chair, squatting, hip hinging, dynamic reaching, and aligning the trunk for softness and ease.

By the end of the month you’ll have:

  • Practical tools for mobilizing and stabilizing your joints
  • Strengthening exercises for the lower body and trunk musculature
  • Techniques for making prolonged sitting more comfortable and less fatiguing
  • Strategies for aligning the trunk and shoulder blades for less strain in the neck and shoulders

Our live classes take place over Zoom. Sundays 9:30-10:30AM EST: May 2, 9, 16, and 30.

Please note that there is no live class on May 23. Instead, you’ll receive 2 bonus live class replays that compliment our sitting work, available for the entire month.

7 day replays available for all live classes. I’ll be there 10 minutes before and after class so we can hang out, Q&A, and meet each other’s pets.

A small library of hand picked practice videos will be delivered on May 2 (or whenever you sign up after May 2). These videos include whole body warm-ups, strength, self-massage, and somatics. You’re invited to sprinkle in one or two sessions as you like between our live classes together. The pre-recorded videos for this series are yours to replay through May 31.

The hybrid format provides structure to your learning, helps you integrate and build on the material from class, and maximizes the benefits of our time together. Plus you’ll connect with a community of students all on the same ride.

For props this month I recommend having a yoga block, hand towel, yoga blanket or large beach towel, resistance band loop (or long band tied in a loop), and a chair, bench, or stool with a firm seat. These props are recommendations not requirements. I give lots of options so we can make it work!

Your enrollment in this month-long series is a one time payment (not a monthly subscription).

Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing you there,


PS - We believe in honoring the value of teaching and offering a practice that is accessible. Our tiered pricing system is self-determined. In deciding which price feels most appropriate to you, consider your social location (proximity to power and privilege), so that we can collectively move towards equity. If you are relatively stable financially, please pay this standard price. If you need to pay less for any reason, we encourage you to pay the community price.

Teacher: Caitlin Casella
Type of Class: Strength + Mobility
Class Duration: 60min
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Sunday