An Unprecedented Year: A Journaling Journey | 120 minutes

Join us for this very special, 2-hour LIVE meditation & journaling workshop and begin to unpack all that you have created and overcome over this unprecedented year and come into community with other subscribers of The Connective Studio.

In this meditation & journaling workshop you’ll:
- Get centered in the present through guided meditation
- Reflect on that which has been transformed
- Identify the tools in your wellness kit that foster resilience
- Celebrate your wins
- Foster a sense of renewal
- Fortify your ability to transition into the future

With music, guided meditation, journaling, and conversation woven throughout the session, this gathering will co-create space for reflection as we meditate, journal, and call our voices into the Zoom room in recognition of that which has been transformed in our lives, to celebrate resiliency, and to tap into the hope for renewal that comes with spring.

This workshop will take place via Zoom on Saturday, March 6, 2021, 3pm-5pm EST. Upon subscription, you’ll receive the link and log-in info for the LIVE session. You’re invited to log in up to 10 minutes before and after the scheduled time to say hello, check-in, or ask any questions. The live session will be recorded, but all participant information, input, and discussion will be edited out for privacy before the link is shared and made available to subscribers. Although registration for live access closes at noon the day of the session, the redacted recording will be available for rental through the end of the month.

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Teacher: Selena Brown
Type of Class: Journaling
Class Duration: 90min