Quick Fix to Undo the Sit | 34 min.

I’m not usually one to advocate for quick fixes in the sense of easy solutions to complex problems… but I am becoming quite fond of quick fixes in the sense of, “I gotta get my yoga fix today, but I just don’t have time for a full class.” I hear that!

I’m discovering that shorter time commitments usually lead to greater frequency, so I’ve recorded four 30-minute Quick Fix classes that you can choose from and practice with on demand. Think of it like your own little movement mezze menu when you don’t need a whole meal, just a little nosh.

Undo the Sit details:
- designed to unravel your body from all the sitting
- front body opening: i.e. hip flexors, chest, anterior shoulder, neck.
- posterior shoulder and upper-back activation
- props needed: a long strap/leash/scarf, blanket/towel, and an optional block

This video is available to purchase throughout the month of February; once purchased, I will send it to you within 24hrs, and it’s yours to replay through February 28th.

Teacher: Marisa Sako
Type of Class: Slow Flow
Class Duration: 30min