Tonie's December Series: Awaken & Align: Twists - Community Price

Tuesdays & *Fridays | 7:30am - 8:30am, EST
Starting Tuesday, December 1st through *December 23rd
(Christmas Week classes are Mon, 12.21 & Wed, 12.23 - full schedule with all dates listed included below.)

Registration closes: Monday, November 30th
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Let's close out the year with intentional clearing, and manifest for the year ahead, all through the power of twists.
This month-long series includes a well-rounded exploration and practice for all levels centered on the anatomy and benefit of the various revolved postures of yoga. Twists restore the spine, and create cleansing of the internal organs, and stimulation of the circulatory and digestive systems. Each class, and week will be a progressive build of opening along the sides of the body, hamstrings and glutes, with core strengthening to prepare for revolved postures that will build upon each other.

Energetically, twists can create and internal pathway to seeing and releasing what no longer serves, and open space for new abundance.

In alignment with the close of 2020, and the space of the new year coming, this month's physical practice will be accompanied by the exploration of the manifestation channel of the Chakra System. The lower triad of chakras (evolving energy centers) lay at the navel, genitals/hips and tailbone.
As we explore twists with the close of this year, we will be examining the past year, take time to see and clear what no longer serves, and fill that new space with manifesting and curating the abundance we seek for 2021.

Each week's schedule and energetic focus is listed below:
Journaling prompts will be sent at all registrants at the start of each week.

Week 1: Tuesday, 12/1 & Friday, 12.4
Manipura (Navel Chakra): Focus on processing, and transformative fire. Examining lessons of 2020.

Week 2: Tuesday, 12/8 & Friday, 12.11
Manipura (Navel Chakra): Focus on empowerment, leadership, roles/identities and self-confidence. Examination of what can be released, and invited in.

Week 3: Tuesday, 12/15 & Friday, 12.18
Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra, at the genitals/hips): Focus on creative ability, birthright to abundance, autonomy & boundaries. Examination of limiting beliefs, and defining abundance.

Christmas Week - Week 4: Monday,12/21 & Wednesday, 11/23
Muladhara (Root Chakra, at the tailbone): Focus on adding clarity to goals, and the pathway there, grounding and ease in decision making. Examination of self-mastery.

Sequences will be curated to speak to the various layers of the body, from muscle and fascia to meridian lines and then chakras. Every class, while focused on twists, will provide ample reset of the body from twists for a well-rounded experience.

Props are not required, but are recommended to have around just in case (blocks, or books, pillows or bolster, blanket or towel).
This is an open level series, open to all from beginners to advanced.
Journals are welcome to keep handy during practice.
The energetic focus of this month follows the November's focus on The Four Aims of Life. Feel free to deepen your self-study with this recommended read:
Virtue, Success, Pleasure, Liberation - The Four Aims of Life in The Tradition of Ancient India, Alain Danielou

Registration closes at 5pm, EST on Monday, November 30th.

All recordings will be made available for the week for any missed practices, or desire to revisit a class.
Zoom information will be sent the day prior.

Early Bird Gift
Register by Friday, November 27th to receive a complimentary recorded 30-minute restorative sequence to keep you grounded through the Holidays.

See you on the mat!


Teacher: Tonie Warner
Type of Class: Vinyasa
Time of Day: Morning