Jen SanMiguel

Here’s my promise to you as a teacher: I will never use words like “bikini season” or “new year, new you”. I’ll never say you have to do something. I’ll never judge you for your looks, your weight, your age, your race, your clothes, who you choose to love or how you choose to live.

My job is not to change you and I don’t want to. I want to help you be more completely who you already are because you’re beautiful and amazing.

Here’s another promise: When you come to my class, we’ll move and breathe and have fun. You might hear Hanson on the playlist or try a shape you’ve never seen before. You’ll hear stories from different mythological traditions and poems from around the world. You’ll always be honored and respected.

I hold 200 hour and 300 hour certifications from LL Studio (formerly Laughing Lotus, NYC). I also have additional training in trauma informed yoga, yin yoga and Katonah informed embodied flow. I’m mom to 3 cats, 1 tortoise, 1 crested gecko and 1 corn snake. I’m from and based in Queens, NY.

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A nice, compact, open level workout, and who doesn't love Jen's mythology lessons?

Jen’s classes are great and when I can’t take one “live” it’s awesome to have the option to pull up a pre-recorded video at a time that works for me. I love that Jen ties myths into practice with purpose and actual application - i.e. Channeling the hunter Artemis through releasing an arrow as you move from Warrior 2 into Peaceful Warrior. The thought she puts into designing each class makes them all different and special. And it’s a great work out!

Another beautiful class by Jen! Grateful to practice with her! She’s an incredible gift to us all. ❤️