Jamel West

I’ve been practicing yoga and mindfulness for over 10 years, and have been teaching for over 6. I teach vinyasa, yin yoga and restorative yoga in addition to being a Reiki master practitioner. My yoga training as well as my training various other modalities helps me offer a well-rounded experience for my students. Through mindful movement and intentional practices, I aim to guide each individual to be more understanding and more in tuned with their body and mind.

My classes are fun, alignment informed, and energy centered, to create a sense of calm and relaxation. My intention is to create a safe space so that people are comfortable in their bodies while they’re practicing

IG - Thetravlers https://instagram.com/thetravlers?igshid=6gf45xxie9pf
Website - https://www.modality.yoga/

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Thanks for a great session! The touch of nature is a major bonus for a zoom class.

Jamel provides comprehensive cueing and supporting information for this beneficial Yin practice. An excellent resource for newer practitioners but perhaps too verbose for someone wanting a quiet practice.

Gretchen Schutte about listing Yin Salutations | 55 Mins 4 months ago.

I would be living my best life if I did Jamel’s child’s/puppy/frog/banana/pentacle sequence every day. Thank you!!!