Gail Granberry, NCPT

I am an NYC-based movement educator with a lifelong passion for dance. My movement study began at the age of six with classical ballet training. The rest of my dance background includes ballet, jazz, modern, Graham, character, contemporary, and various street styles. Through dance, I discovered Pilates and have been teaching classes and privates for the past nine years. Layered with my love of music, my classes add another unique element of expression and playfulness.

I'm a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT, formerly called PMA-CPT), trained by Balanced Body. Also certified in TRX, Yoga (YogaWorks 200 Hour), and Balanced Body Barre, I often incorporate many modalities into my classes and privates.

My goal is to create a space where everyone feels welcome regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, or religion. Teaching at this cooperatively-owned business allows me to steer my offerings in a new direction that fully represent the depth of my voice and talents, and to reach students of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

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Gail’s classes make me feel like I’m getting a massage while at the same time gaining functional strength and range of motion. She always encourages us to self-determine the intensity and pretty much always offers answers in her detailed instructions at the same moment I realize I have that very question in mind! Feels so good to practice with you, Gail, thank you!

It was a great class on Tuesday and I'm going to play it again until the next time i can take.

My core is getting stronger and I feel it in my golf swing (driver). Golf score is not improving, but the distance of my driver improved a lot.