Caitlin Casella

My work is inspired by physical therapy, yoga, functional strength and mobility, developmental movement, somatics, self-massage, meditation, and conscious relaxation.

My vision for movement practice expands beyond the self to support ease in participation with our families, communities, and the world. I operate from an antifragile stance, one that views the human body as robust, adaptable, and resilient.

As I pursue my Clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy, my aim is to make movement physically accessible to the general population and more widely available to folks across socioeconomic backgrounds. I strive to educate about the science of the human body while making space for the unknown.

Join me for a multidisciplinary mix of movement that champions inquiry and autonomy. Stick around for the cat outtakes in my classes and videos.

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This class is very challenging. I feel my gluts, a good thing, but it seems harder than the previous classes. I'm oing parts rather than the whole class.

I am always delighted by what I learn from Caitlin’s class.

I’ve been enjoying practicing with Caitlin for a couple of years. Her classes are always thoughtfully prepared, they are never just a sequence of poses, but every movement leads to a goal not only of one lesson but rather of the series of lessons. Every level and all body types will benefit from carefully knitted movements that Caitlin shares with us!