I strive to bring yoga to communities of color and incorporate social justice themes into my classes. My asana classes are breath centered, full of nerdy fun but also grounding and centering. My focus is on Hatha Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Core Fundamentals. www.avitayoga.com Follow me on Instagram

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I didn’t end up making it to class, sorry!

Cynthia Henebry about listing Drop-in Class with Avita 8 days ago.

dear Avita, it was wonderful to practice with you.

Thank you for the lessons.

Sincerely, Uchenna

This was my first time incorporating strength training into an asana practice that was actually supportive and felt sustainable. Avita taught skillfully to call attention to parts of my body that I hadn't put too much thought into before.

Nivi Palanivel about listing Drop-in Class with Avita 2 months ago.