Anietie Ukpe-Wallace

I am a lover of movement and enjoy dabbling and challenging myself in various movement modalities such as jump roping, pole, aerial hoop and kettlebells for example. Professionally, I am an orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapist living in Oakland, CA. I am also a mom to a 5 year old who is a book lover and trying to be an avid gardener during my free time.

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Anietie’s teaching is full of exploration and education that gives you all the tools to understand your pelvic floor like never before. It’s not kegels and for that I am grateful. The classes are packed with easy, accessible movement, breath and awareness that have helped me immensely in discovering this part of my body I have ignored for too long. Not any more. Thank you, Anietie - I look forward to taking all your future offerings. Life changing for me.

Ciara Farrell about listing Your Dynamic Pelvic Floor 5 months ago.

Anietie gives such great exploratory tools to generate a deeper understanding of the pelvis and your body. I love it!

This has been a very good series so far that has helped me to dive deeper into my understanding of the pelvis. I love how she explores this topic with you and shares extremely helpful tools and approaches to getting into places we tend to overlook to relieve blockages, tension or stagnant energy. I look forward to Part 3! Thank you Anietie!